Mission & Vision


The college ensures and enhances the quality of our students by nourishing their aptitudes and providing better opportunities for their growth. College is committed to the declared vision, mission and to the cherished objectives as has been framed and formulated for intensive care and concern. In order to make the students, staff, stakeholders conversant, and well aware appropriate steps like publication of college calendar, walling on main building and available on our website, timely interaction meetings and discussions are in active place and shape. The college organizes external programs to popularize Sanskrit Language.


To transform our college in to an ideal place of learning: a healthy and progressive educational institution where students get ample scope to manifest their potentialities to become ideal citizens with total commitment to human values, social responsibility and kinship with nature. A primary vision of college is to popularize our predominant Indian language ‘Sanskrit’ among the general mass, which is universally considered as mother of all languages.