Welcome to Dharm Samaz Sanskrit College, Muzaffarpur

Conceptually the college was formed during the British rule by the then council of British governor general, on 27th August 1811. The old Dharma Samaj Sanskrit Vidyalaya was established in 1873. The Dharma Samaj Sanskrit Vidyalaya was converted into Dharma Samaj Sanskrit College at Muzaffarpur in January 1917, after the separation of Bihar from Bengal. The College owes its origin largely to the munificence of the Maharaja of Darbhanga. In the initial days Dharma Samaj Sanskrit College imparted education in the following branches of oriental studies – Vedas, Karmakandda,Philosophy, Puran, Vyakaran, Sahitya, Jotish, Ayurveda and Agam. With the passage of time due to nonavailability of teachers, the college had to discontinue Ayurveda and Agam. Keeping in space with the present trend of education, there has been a certain amount of modernization of the college. English is now being taught to the students and there have been changes in the curriculum. It is now a modern type of a Sanskrit college.
The college presently offers both U.G. and P.G. courses. However, though there are insufficient staffs both teaching and non-teaching and practically no college funds, the college is well managed by the efficient and watchful leadership of the principal. Our teaching staffs are highly qualified and knowledgeable in their field of subjects. The College possesses certain highly valuable treasures like precious stones and gems which were in use during the Ayurved and Agam was taught in the college. Rare and valuable Sanskrit book, which are now out of print eg. Sabda Kalp Drum and Satwarsik Panchang are available in the College Library. Dharma Samaj Sanskrit College being a pioneer Sanskrit college in the country has produced many eminent Sanskrit scholars spread all over the country in different fields.